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Andy Turner

CEO of Turner Financial

When Melissa approached me about being her Treasurer, I was honored and humbled. I’ve known Melissa for a very long time and her faith and convictions, even during hard times, has never wavered. She will take the same approach with her campaign and when elected County Commissioner of the Southern District. Her values align with mine both personally and in business. I’ve always wanted to educate and if that means you become a client, great, but, if not, you leave knowing a little more than you did before meeting me. I look forward to helping Melissa get elected.

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Mark and Enola Joplin

Former Director of the Guest House Men's Shelter in Henry Co.

Melissa Meltzer is a woman of integrity  and a seeker of truth. We have known her for about 14 years. Melissa served with Enola at Clarity Pregnancy Services in Shelbyville for about 8.5 years as a volunteer peer counselor. She was faithful, prompt, and always caring to the clients and her fellow volunteers and staff.  Melissa is honest and keeps her word and follows through on what she says she will do. She is motivated to change things for the better. She takes a stand for Godly principles and will not compromise. She will do her best to make Rush County better!

Mark Joplin is a former pastor for 34 years and, served as Director of the Guest House Men’s Shelter at 1407 Walnut Street, New Castle, IN. Enola is a minister, as well, and served 14 years as manager of the Clarity Pregnancy Center in Shelbyville, where Melissa volunteered.

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